Adult Bible Study & Edu. Programs
Reading the Bible, the Old and New Testaments, would seem to be a natural and habitual occurrence for all Christians. The foundations of our faith are found therein. The presence of God permeates the Old, of course; and the Son, “THE WORD” fulfills the will of the Father in the New. That should be enough reason for us to read and study scripture: it should bring us closer to Jesus Christ. There are, of course, secondary reasons for Bible study. For instance, the Bible has been the theological and intellectual foundation of Western culture for two thousand years, and still, in one form or another, inform most of our decisions today. To understand the iconography of Medieval, Renaissance and most of Modern art, architecture and literature, not to mention the underlying motives of war and historical tides, at least a basic knowledge of scripture is indispensable. So, let us read the sacred Book together, and take a closer look with the aid of some scholarly insights.

Time: Thursday (seven sessions in Fall) 10:00-11:30
Place: Deacon Ruiz Center

Adult Confirmation Preperation
Adult Catholics who have never received the sacrament of Confirmation may be eligible to participate in an approved 6-session Confirmation program offered through the Archdiocese of Hartford. For more information about the Confirmation-only program, contact the Office of Religious Education, and St. George Parish. All members of St. George will be required to obtain the pastor’s signature to participate in the diocesan program.

Contact: Parish Office | 203-453-2788

Baptismal Preparation
Classes for parents of infants and children to be baptized are held monthly to explain the meaning of the rituals and symbols used in their child’s Baptism. This class, approximately an hour, is required if this is the first child in the family to be baptized. Parents who have previously attended a Baptism Preparation Class are not required to attend the class again, for any subsequent children. However, these parents are more than welcome to attend the class for a “refresher” before the sacrament.

Baptism: Read More

Contact: Cara Correll | Telephone 203-453-2788 x204

RCIA or Christian Initiation of Adults
The R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a process for adults who want to explore the idea of joining the Catholic Church. Interested individuals meet weekly with our St. George team to learn about the Scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church, and at the same time, to discover the presence of God in their lives. The RCIA program ultimately prepares participants to receive the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. The process includes a number of important ceremonies or rites that are held in the church during the course of the year.


• Unbaptized

• Baptized in another Christian church

• Baptized Catholic, but with no further religious training or sacraments


Contact:  Parish Office 203-453-2788

There are more than 3000 books, tapes, videos, and periodicals located in the big room of the Father Sullivan Center. Materials may be checked out for a month. The library is open weekdays during St. George office hours, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Contact: Noreen Wolleben | Telephone203-453-2788 ext. 206

Marriage Preparation Team

St. Margaret and St. George Churches

Our Mission
To provide a variety of key tools to insure a healthy, God-centered committed partnership in marriage.

Marriage is hard work and success encompasses many traits God, communication, compromise, patience, trust, intimacy, sacrifice, sense of humor, as well as many others. Through short presentations and small-group discussions, the Marriage Preparation Team shares its experiences with engaged couples in many topics to provide couples with a variety of key tools to insure a healthy, God-centered committed partnership in marriage. These tools are meant to bring couples closer together, closer to God, and to assist them in overcoming future obstacles.

Some of our discussion topics:
– Finance
– Family of Origin
– Communication
– Sacramental Marriage
– Intimacy and Natural Family Planning
– Conflict Resolution
– Relationship

All individuals with a marital history welcomed Any individual who has ever been married, including newly married couples, has unique experiences to share. No marriage is perfect, and thats what the team tries to convey to our participants. Only through dedication to our marriages, we overcome the difficult times and the struggles to emerge as one flesh stronger and more committed to each other and to God.

Contact: Ed and Joanne Arrandale 203-318-8590