Adult Altar Servers
Adult altar servers assist at weekday Masses and funerals.

Contact: Marie Pohlman  |  Telephone: 203-453-2788

Baptismal Garment Sewing
“…you have become a new creation, and have clothed yourself in Christ. See in this white garment the outward sign of your Christian dignity.” From the Rite of Baptism

During the Sacrament of Baptism, the baby or child is clothed with a white garment to visually show that he or she has “become a new creation” and is “clothed in Christ.” The white garment is an outward sign of their Christian dignity. At St. George, committed parishioners sew the white garments at home: a cotton bib style for babies; a felt pinafore style for older children. Additional members are not needed at this time.

Contact: Rosalie McGuire. 203-453-2788

Baptism Quilt Ministry
“…the Christian community welcomes you with great joy.” From the Rite of Baptism

As of June 3rd, 2012, infants who are baptized at St. George receive a keepsake, hand-made quilt, as a sign of our parish’s joy that the child is now a member of our Catholic community. It is a sign of our prayers and our pledge to support our parish families as they raise their children in the faith. The Baptism Quilt Ministry meets on scheduled Wednesday mornings from 10:00 am – noon in the Father Sullivan Center. See the bulletin for specific dates. New members welcome. No previous experience as a quilter is necessary. Some members specialize in cutting fabric, ironing fabric, quilting, or hand sewing.
Contact: Barbara Richard. 203-453-2788

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Taking the Body and blood of Christ to fellow communicants is a high honor and a privilege. An extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist has an important function carrying out a prayerful and uplifting liturgy. As an official and highly visible participant in the celebration of Mass, they are expected to be an example to the community in singing and responding to the liturgy. Consequently, ministers should be in full communion with the Church and be motivated by their desire to share with others their own devotion and reverence for this holy sacrament.
In addition to assistance at the Sunday liturgy, These ministers take the Eucharist to the homebound, the infirm, and those unable to attend Mass. They also visit three senior health facilities within the parish on a weekly basis.
Training is coordinated by the pastor. Ministers generally serve for a term of three years, which is renewable.
Contact: Fr Alex 203-453-2788 x204
Alter Flower Committee
Our committee is responsible for the altar flowers for the weekend Masses. We also decorate the Church for our Easter and Christmas celebrations. If you’d like to join us or would like more information please call Karen Moalli @ 457-9146. We’d love to have you.

Contact: Karen Moalli 203-457-9146

General Description of the Ministry:
Lectors proclaim God’s Word to the assembly and are a vital part of the Liturgy of the Word. Not only do Lectors need to be effective communicators, but they need to absorb and express the spirit of the Liturgy as well. God speaks through the lector. When the Word is proclaimed in the assembly, it challenges, comforts, encourages and admonishes; it is the task of the lector to convey this not just read words on a page.

* Is willing to devote private time during the week to the study of Scripture that is to be read either at the daily or at the weekend masses
* Willing to come at least 10 to 15 minutes before Mass time to prepare for the reading of the Scripture
* Is able to speak clearly and is comfortable reading in front of a large group of people
* Can effectively maintain good eye contact with assembly.
* Willing to find a responsible substitute if unable to serve at your scheduled time
* Willing to participate in ongoing training

Time: Saturday & Sunday Masses (twice a month)
Contact: Francine Wainer 203-457-1997

Music Ministries
The St. George community has a number of music ministries which lend themselves to the joyful celebration of the Word of the Lord. The current ministries are as follows:

ADULT CHOIR: This group consists of men and women of all ages that provide joyful music at the 10:00 A.M. Sunday Mass in addition to special liturgical celebrations. When: The Adult Choir meets once a week on Thursday evenings for rehearsal, and may include added times during the special holiday seasons.

TEEN CHOIR: The St. George teens generously lend their musical talents to weekend liturgies(once a month) and the celebration of the Rite of Confirmation. When: The teen choir meets once a week on Thursday evenings for rehearsal.

FUNERAL CHOIR: This devoted group of voices ministers to the bereaved of our St. George community by providing thoughtful, appropriate singing for funeral liturgies. Come participate in one of these wonderful music ministries and make some joyful noise!! There is something for folks of any age!

Contact: Kevin Buno (adult and teen Choir) – 203-605-2880
Dorine Bevona (Funeral Choir) 203-453-2788

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Nothing gives warmth like a home-made shawl. This ministry is a great comfort to the homebound sick and elderly. Volunteers use their knitting skills and creativity to make beautiful shawls that are prayed over and blessed by a priest of the parish.

These prayer shawls are then distributed to those who need both comfort and prayers. Those who receive the shawls are reminded that they belong to a community of Christian brothers and sisters who share in their sufferings. They are also comforted to know that parishioners, they may not even know are offering prayers.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talent, meet new people and make a real difference in the life many people.

Contact: Bonnie McManamy 203-453-2788 x204

Ushers and Collectors
VISION STATEMENT: This is a ministry of hospitality. It is our responsibility to greet all parishioners, guests and visitors to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere before and during Mass. To take charge of any situation that may arise so that the service is not interrupted.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can meet, greet and seat people. Arrange for the gifts to be brought up to the altar. Distribute the collection bags to each section. When Mass is over ushers should open the doors and be prepared to pass out the weekly bulletin. Close all doors before leaving.

OTHER DUTIES: Ushers should be thoroughly familiar with the church facilities i.e. The following: Public bathrooms, wheelchair, fire extinguishers, drinking water, lost and found articles, use of a cell phone for emergencies ( calling 911 and telling the dispatcher which door to enter).

MISCELLANEOUS: Assisting parents with sick children if necessary. During heavy attendance keep the lines to communion moving in an orderly fashion. Late comers should not be seated during any readings or homily but during responsorial.

Time: 4:30 vigil, 8:00, 10:00, 11:30 Sunday Mass
Needed: Volunteer ushers/collectors
Contact: Vinny Ruiz 203-215-4587

Youth Altar Servers
General Description of the Ministry: The Altar Server assists the Priest and the Deacon in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and at other liturgical celebrations, such as the Easter Vigil, Confirmation, First Communion.

* Has made their First Holy Communion
* Be in at least the third grade
* Is comfortable in front of people
* Can commit to a minimum of two weekend masses per month
* Able to stay focused and avoid distracting movements so as not to draw attention away from the Liturgy (sit straight, feet on floor, etc).
* Attends training sessions and is willing to take direction.
* Has a willingness to learn about the structure of the liturgy and liturgical terms.
* Arrives early enough to carry out tasks without hurry and prepares for the liturgy.
* Dresses appropriately
* Is faithful to the schedule and substitute list.
* Is willing to substitute when necessary.

Time: Saturday & Sunday Masses (twice a month)
Contact: Francine Wainer 203-457-1997

Daily Bible Verse

  • Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
    Psalm 103:1  (NIV)

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