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St. George Pastoral Council Nomination Process 2021

Thank you for exploring our pastoral council website.  You are part of our community, and we welcome your feedback, ideas, and input.  Currently, the Pastoral Council meets on the last Sunday of the month (Sept.-June).  We do not meet in December.  Meetings last approximately 90 minutes, and are currently held in the zoom format.   

Each year, annual nominations are held to fill seats that become open on the council.  This year, 2021, there are six openings.  Each opening is a three-year term.  Our nomination process runs across several weeks.  You can self-nominate and/or nominate a fellow parishioner from April 18-May 2.  Nomination forms are available at the back of all entrances to the church; through this link:  2021 Nomination Form; or you may contact the church office to have a form mailed to you (203-453-2788)    

After the nominations are received, prospective candidates will have the opportunity to learn more about the Council and discern if they are being called to serve. A zoom informational meeting for interested nominated parishioners will take place on Saturday, May 15 at 5 PM.

The final step of the process will be the random LOTTERY selection during the live-stream mass on Sunday, May 23, 10 AM mass.

Eligible members are those parishioners who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and are members of the parish. If you, or someone you know, is an active parishioner, committed to serving the parish, and would like to participate on the Pastoral Council, please return the nomination form found in the Parish bulletin in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your prayerful consideration for service to our parish.


The Role of the Pastoral Council

The function of the Pastoral Council is to build bridges for a healthy communication between the pastor and the laity of the parish community. The Council provides opportunities to deepen our partnership for a more active lay involvement in the parish. Valuing the knowledge, resources, and contributions of its members, the Council advises and assists the Pastor in the administration and development of spiritual and material matters of the parish.  Please feel free to explore our meeting minutes on this website.

The Council consists of fourteen (14) members, nine (9) of whom are chosen by lottery, three (3) members appointed by the pastor and the remaining two (2) members are peer ministers. Each year, one third of the Pastoral Council (3 chosen by lottery and 1 appointed) members’ term expires. Parishioners are encouraged to take the opportunity to make a difference by considering serving your parish community. Nominations take place in April and the lottery is held in May. Each year, you are invited to nominate yourself or someone you think would be a valuable resource on the Council. Mother Theresa wrote, “God has not called me to be successful. He has called me to be faithful.”   Kindly consider this opportunity for faithfulness to the Community of St. George, by sharing your talents, gifts and expertise,  We thank you ahead of time for your prayerful consideration.

If you have further questions, feel free to email the current Pastoral Council president, Yolande Eldridge,